The Provence Drôme


Official website of the Committee of Tourism and Economic Expansion of the Drôme Provençale. This association is responsible for promoting tourism in these destinations from the Rhone Valley and barons. ... Visit website

8 bd Joliot Curie 26130 St Paul Trois Chateaux
Tél: 04 75 98 93 38

Rhone-Alpes Tourism Directory


Rhone-Alpes Tourism Directory, Ski Resorts, Leisure, Camping, Hotels, and other Places. All the web sites to plan your stay in Rhone-Alpes region. Ideas weekend, Accommodation, hobbies, activities, land, heritage, all th ... Visit website

Le château de Grignan

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Le château de Grignan dont l'origine remonte au XIIème siècle a été construit sur un piton rocheux dominant Grignan, il fût transformé en forteresse dès le XIIIème siècle par la famille des Adhémar: c'est au XVIIème sièc ... Visit website


House of Ceramics Country of Dieulefit

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You can't visit Dieulefit without taking your time to discover all the potters workshops, art galleries or the House of Ceramics, cultural and heritage center, not to mention the cultural events that you should attend an ... Visit website

Rue des Reymonds 26220 Dieulefit
Tél : (04) 75 50 20 98

Atelier-Musée de la Soie

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The wonderful machines authentic tracing the evolution of silk, of the seventeenth century to the present, are operating under the eye of the visitor can discover all stages from the seed of the silkworm to the fabric. ... Visit website

Place du 11 novembre 26770 Taulignan
Tél : 04 75 53 12 96

European Museum of the aviation

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The fabulous world of fighter opens its portes.Ces guardians of the sky, able to fly more than 2000km / h, by enjoying a well deserved retirement. They are presented together with their arms and superb models of exposure ... Visit website

Chemin de l'Aérodrome 26200 Montélimar
Tél : 04 75 53 79 49

French Doll Museum


Over 1000 dolls exposed to 4 km of Romans sur Isère (DROME) in a new building with access for the disabled and bus operators. The pedagogy is present and each doll is labeled and detailed on a sticker. This collection ha ... Visit website

Quartier Dépits 26750 Génissieux
Tel :

Parrots Park

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Bird Park opened to the public - raising parrots: parrots: macaws, cockatoos, Amazons, Grey of Gabon, Eclectus etc. .... Dressage and training of parrots show for professionals. Young and old will be happy to discover th ... Visit website

26260 Bren
Tel 04 75 03 59 12

Archaeological museum of Pegue

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The archaeological museum of Pegu, known since August 25, 2001, "Charles Lagrand Room" on this 140 m2, the archaeological collections from the town. The chronology of the exhibits extends from leNéolithique, 4000 BC. BC ... Visit website

Le Village 26770 Le Pègue
Tél : (04) 75 53 68 21

The Horse Ideal Palace

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Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, plus connu sous le nom du facteur Cheval, (19 avril 1836 à Charmes-sur-l'Herbasse, Drôme, France – 19 août 1924 à Hauterives, Drôme) est un facteur français, célèbre pour avoir passé 33 ans de sa ... Visit website

26390 Hauterives
Tél : 04 75 68 81 19

Juste la Drôme - Du vercors à la Provence

Site is operated by the Tourism Development Agency of the Drôme, an association responsible for the promotion of the department between Vercors and Provence. Founded in 1960, it informs visitors on all acc ... Visit website

8, rue Baudin 26005 Valence Cedex
Tél : 04 75 82 19 26

National Park of Vercors

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A "Parc Naturel Régional" (Regional Natural Park) is a territory which is protected because of the exceptional quality of its landscape and its heritage. The Vercors Regional Natural Park was created on 16 October 1970. ... Visit website

38250 Lans-en-Vercors
Tél. 04 76 94 38 26
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